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We, the undersigned, give an undertaking to the following effect with regard to our Research  Paper entitled
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Submitted for publication in the Glimpses: Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities:-
1.      The article mentioned above has not been published or submitted to or accepted for publication in any form, in any other journal.
2.      We vouch safe that the authorship of this research paper will not be contested by any one whose name (s) is/are/not listed by us here
Authors/ Name (in sequence)                          Signature of Authors
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I.        All the authors are required to sign independently in this form in the sequence given above. In case an author has left the institution /country and whose whereabouts are not known, the senior author may sign on his/her behalf taking the responsibility.
II.       No addition/deletion/or any change in sequence of the authorship will be permissible at a late stage, without valid reason and permission of the Editor.
III.     If authorship is contested at any stage the research paper will be either returned or   will not be processed for publication till the issue is solved.

 Copyright Transfer Agreement Form
This document must be signed by all contributors and submitted with the manuscript to the editor.
The Glimpses: Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities is published yearly by the Vidyawati MukandLal Girls College, Dayanand Nagar, Ghaziabad 201001, U.P.
The undersigned author(s) hereby conveys assigns and otherwise transfers all rights, title, interest and copyright ownership of aforesaid work for publication. In the event that JSSH does not publish said work, the author(s) will be so notified and all rights assigned hereunder will revert to the author(s).
The assignment of rights to the journal includes all above but it is not expressly limited to rights to edit, publish, reproduce, distribute copies, include in indexes or search databases in print electronic or other media whether or not in use at the time of execution of this agreement and claim copyright in said work throughout the world for the full duration of the copyright and any renewals or extensions thereof.
All accepted papers are the property of JSSH and may not be published elsewhere without prior written permission from JSSH. The contributor (s) hereby represents and warrants that they are sole author(s) of the work, all authors have participated in and agree with the content and conclusions of the work, that the work is original, does not infringe upon any copyright, propriety or personal right of any third party, and that no part of it nor any work based on substantially similar data has been submitted to another publication.
            Authors’ Name ( in sequence)                         Signature of Authors
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3          ________________________                                    _____________________



  1. The Research paper should be typed in MS word, with a single column layout having left and right margin justified. Font size main body 12 style: Times Roman, Page numbered and double spaced.
  2. Title of the paper should be short, continuous and followed by the name, designation, e-mail and affiliation of authors.
  3. The paper should start with abstract of (Maximum 200-250) word along with key words and abstract should highlight only the salient findings and conclusion. Paper should start with an introduction, objectives & hypothesis: Material & Methods, Result, Discussion, Conclusion& References.
  4. Tables & figures to the extent possible should appear in the document near/after where they are referenced in the text. Avoid the use of overly small type in tables. In any case tables and figures should not be in a separate document or file.
  5. References: it is the author’s obligation to provide complete references with the necessary information. Reference should appear in the text as : Cerf (1961) reported that ‘_____’and the list of all the reference must be placed at the end of the manuscript in the following style ( Not more than 30) and should be arranged alphabetically & in chronological order.

Cerf, A.R., (1961). Corporate reporting of California press, Berkley.

  1. Do not send glossy prints. Photographs or original artwork until acceptance.
  2. Papers will be accepted for publication alongwith the undertaking that these contain original, unpublished work, and not submitted for publication any where else. The undertaking should be sent on a separate sheet.
  3. Facts of papers presented/submitted in a conference /seminar must be clearly mentioned at bottom of the first page of the manuscript and the author should specify with whom the copyright rests.
  4. The author’s name, designation and other details should appear only  on first  page along with the title of the paper and should not be repeated anywhere else.
  5. All manuscripts should also be sent in electronic form and three hard copies with one C.D.


Manuscript Submission Check List

  1. Covering Letter
  2. Undertaking signed by the Author(s)
  3. Copyright Transfer Agreement Form signed by all contributors
  4. Three copies of manuscript (one original & two Xerox) with one C.D.
  5. Title page

           l     Title of manuscript
           l     Full name(s) and affiliations of author(s) institution (s) and city/cities from which work originated
           l     Name, address, telephone, fax number and e-mail address of the corresponding Author
           l     Running title

    • Abstract in structured format along with key words (on a separate sheet)
    • Research Paper
    • References