Seminars/Conferences organized by the College

1. National Seminar on "Population Education and National Health", March 1989.

2. UGC National Seminar on "Shakespeare : New Perspective", February, 1990.

3. UGC National Seminar on "Trends in Indian Politics", February, 1990.

4. UGC National Seminar on " Restructuring Higher Education of Bharat in Global Perspective", August, 1999.

5. XIV Annual International Conference of All India Association of Educational Research on "Policies, Issues, Research & Problems in Information Technology", May, 2001

6. UGC National Seminar on "Globalization and its Impact on Economy and Society". Sept. 2007.

7. National Conference on "Strategies and Innovations in Teaching at Higher Education Level". 15-16 December, 2007

8. UGC National Seminar on "Terrorism", 11-12 Sept. 2009.

9. National Workshop on "Enhancement of Life Skills Through Sound Body, Sound Mind and Self-realization", 1-2 December, 2009.

10. National Symposium on "Development of Hindi Terminology in Home Science" in association with Ministry of HRD, 5-6 Dec., 2009.

11. National Conference on "National Knowledge Commission and its implication in Higher Education" 12-13, Dec. 2009.

12. National Conference on "Environment Today : Issues and Challenges" dated 19-20 Nov. 2010.

13. Symposium on "The Role of Education in Women Empowerment" dated 2 Dec., 2011.